Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love VoxBox from Influenster!!!!

Hey everyone!! I am so excited to share this with you all!  I just received my Love VoxBox from Influenster.  If you don't know who they are, it is a company that sends out what they call VoxBox's full of free full size products for people to try.  The whole purpose is to share your views and opinions on the products, hence their name.  It is absolutely FREE!  The only thing it costs is your word of mouth.   So here it is:

When I first opened the box

How it comes packaged
 So here are each of the products!

Kiss Nail Dress - Fashion That Sticks ($6.99)

Introducing Kiss Nail Dress, the ultimate nail fashion for tips and toes!  Just peel, apply, and shape for a manicure that lasts up to 10 days.  Available in 18 different styles!

Truvia Natural Swetener ($3.99 for 40ct)

Truvia natural sweetener is refreshingly uncomplicated, made from the best tasting part of the Stevia plant.  Sprinkle this no-calorie sweetener on your grapefruit.  Spoon it in your coffee.  It won't end up on your conscience or your thighs!

This came at such a perfect time! I am actually really excited to try Truvia!  I have a grapefruit shipment on the way and can't wait to try it out. It also is great because I was wanting to try an alternative to Splenda.

Had to show how gigantic this is up against my laptop!

Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion ($2.99)

The decadently rich and creamy 32% cacao milk chocolate in Creamy Devotion delivers an epicurean chocolate experience.  Experience a moment of timeless pleasure with all natural Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Chocolate.

I love chocolate so this an automatic LOVE IT!!! Plus I love Ghirardelli! (already opened it up and ate a piece! lol)

Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler ($3.50)

This sampler features some of Stash Tea's most popular herbal teas.  All are naturally caffeine free and made from 100% natural ingredients.  Steep for 3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees, and enjoy!

I actually have some of their tea's and I love them.  So I am so excited to try some other flavors!

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor ($8.99- $10.99)

Gillete Venus & Olay are coming together to deliver a gold standard in shaving with the new Gillette Venus & Olay razor!  Olay moisture Bars help to lock-in moisture to your skin, while Venus's five blades shave you close.

I have been eye balling this at the store for so long but didn't want to pay for it quite yet!  I am so excited to shave now!

Once I try each product I will update you all on how it worked out!  Overall I received about $28 worth of products for free!  If you love sharing great products definately check them out! 

Thank you so much for reading! 

xoxo~ Johnna

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