Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My very first China Glaze Polish!!

Hey everyone!  Before I was introduced to the beauty world I always thought all nail polishes were terrible.  It seemed like every nail polish I would use would either streak or be too gloppy or run all over the place.  It wasn't until I discovered the wonderful world of "beauty blogs", that I realized I was just using REALLY bad nail polishes.  I didn't even know China GlazeZoya or any other higher end nail polishes even existed! Even some inexpensive nail polishes work great.  I was just choosing the wrong ones.

So for my very first China Glaze purchase I decided to go with the color "Seduce Me".  I thought it would be perfect for Valentines Day!  The color is like a deep deep magenta with red undertones.  I really love it!  I decided to add some sparkle with my Sally Hanson Diamond Strenght in "Diamonds" (catchy name huh?).

I applied this with a good base coat, 2 layers of "Seduce Me", 1 layer of "Diamonds and a good top coat.

(with flash)

(without flash)

One thing that I really like about this polish is in different lighting it takes on a new personality.  When out in the sun or under bright lighting  it looks like the top picture, very bright and eye catching.   When under low lighting it looks like the bottom picture, very sultry and romantic.

I am really happy with my purchase. Just to let you know, China Glaze will be releasing 12 new colors called "Capitol Colours" for the release of the young adult book turned movie "The Hunger Games".  I am such a fan of the books and can not wait for the movie!!  Which means I am even more excited about the nail polishes!  So I will be picking up all the colors and doing a post here.

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